First Texas Grow Home Prototypes Completed November ‘09

pictures, virtual tour, interviews with the architects, and more……

Two prototype homes that are part of a statewide project to overhaul post-disaster housing were unveiled in Port Arthur, Texas on November 20 and 21. The Texas Grow Home project is the first of its kind in the nation: an initiative to develop well-designed, modular, affordable single-family housing prototypes that can be fabricated quickly in response to natural disasters. These Grow Home prototypes serve as the foundation for revolutionizing the way government approaches post-disaster housing needs.

New Comprehensive Website Launched

learn about the Texas Grow Home Project

This comprehensive website has interviews with hurricane victims, along with pictures and virtual tours of the Texas Grow Homes, information about the mission of the Texas Grow Home Project, and next steps. In the coming months we will post research and recommendations to inform the development of a disaster housing reconstruction program for low-income homeowners.

Presentation at Texas Department of Community Affairs (TDHCA) Board Meeting

look through the Texas Grow Home Photobook

Texas Grow Home presented its progress to the TDHCA Board of Directors. John Henneberger, co-director of Texas Low Income Housing Information Service announced the completion of the first two Grow Home prototypes in Port Arthur, TX. The architects of the completed prototype homes, Myriam Camargo, of CamargoCopeland, and Jim Gleason, of Gleason Design Group, described their designs. Stephan Fairfield, executive director of Covenant Community Capital Corporation, described some of the lessons learned during the development process.

A Conversation Series Dedicated to Developing a Disaster Housing Reconstruction Program for Low Income Homeowners

learn about when and why we are hosting this Conversation Series

The Texas Grow Home Conversation Series will consist of eight meetings held every third Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm. Each meeting will discuss and develop recommendations for various topics associated with low-income homeowner recovery. Recommendations developed during each meeting will be used to inform the work of the Natural Disaster Housing Reconstruction Advisory Committee. Each topic will be posted on the Texas Grow Home blog one week prior to each meeting. We encourage you to post questions and comments associated with each topic in order to expand and enhance the conversation.


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